Such Syntax, Much Meme: A Linguistic Analysis of Memes and Their Structural Syntax

So, what the heck are we doing?


Our project is taking a look at the syntactic structure of textual memes. After creating and collecting our corpus of 360 memes, we will be tagging all relevant linguistic, morphosyntactic features in each meme. The end result will be a visual representation of what structures are used, how frequent or infrequent they are, and where they occur in the meme. More specifically, we are looking at instances of null subjects, or subject ellipses, and predict that this will be a common occurance, which will show that our generation, as well as Generation Z, does not deem subjects to be extremely important to the communication process. This will eventually lead to the answer to our research question: what linguistic features do we, as a generation, deem necessary and unnecessary in order to properly convey information, and why?