Such Syntax, Much Meme: A Linguistic Analysis of Memes and Their Structural Syntax


Meme Example



The Drake Meme, also known as "Hotline Bling Meme" or "Drakeposting Meme", orginated in mid-to-late 2015 on 4chan/v/, a video game chat site, after the release of Drake's 2015 hit, "Hotline Bling". There were several iconic dance moves and gestures displayed in the music video, one of which was made in to a meme. This meme is used primarily to convey a feeling of distain or disgust towards something, while giving an opposing example of something related that the creator actually likes.


The Drake, or "Hotline Bling", meme is separated in to two fragments: top text and bottom text. The top text and correlating picture are typically a noun phrase which is something negative that the creator does not like. Meanwhile, the bottom text and correlating picture are usually a noun phrase that is positive and associated with something that the creator does like. Unlike the general trend that we see with our other memes, these memes, for the most part, actually only had subjects as noun phrases with no other syntactic features to accompany them.