Such Syntax, Much Meme: A Linguistic Analysis of Memes and Their Structural Syntax

Meme Collection

Table of contents

Arthur's Fist 1

When you hear 'graphics don't matter' in video games

Arthur's Fist 2

When they pass you the aux but you have an iPhone 7

Arthur's Fist 3

When you are watching a make up tutorial and they are not using affordable products

Arthur's Fist 4

When they assume everyone is right handed

Arthur's Fist 5

When they call you a pinhead

Arthur's Fist 6

When they refuse to pay for your wall

Arthur's Fist 7

'entry level position' *clicks* 'minimum' 3-5 years related work experience

Arthur's Fist 8

When someone says to Hulk that he is puny

Arthur's Fist 9

When your mom buys you a sweater that's too big

Arthur's Fist 10

When darth vader says he is your father

Arthur's Fist 11

When they tell you 'our' 'princess' 'is' 'in' 'another' 'castle'

Arthur's Fist 12

When you offer someone some of your food and they say yeah

Arthur's Fist 13

When u tell someone to give u your charger back but then they ask u what percentage u on

Arthur's Fist 14

When u r in an argument but then u realize u love the person unconditionally

Arthur's Fist 15

When you ask a question in the group chat and they keep talking like you didn't say anything

Arthur's Fist 16

When you tell your hair stylist you want your hair straight and she adds the lil flip to the end

Arthur's Fist 17

When you go to check if your phone has fully charged and realise the plug was never on

Arthur's Fist 18

When you finished washing dishes and somebody throw another bowl in the sink

Arthur's Fist 19

When u r waiting on a text back then realize you haven't even texted them back for them to text back

Arthur's Fist 20

When your man who is not your man flirts with another girl

Arthur's Fist 21

When you are closing apps and you accidentally close the music app

Arthur's Fist 22

When you remember that historically embroidery has not been taken seriously as a medium because it is 'women's work'

Arthur's Fist 23

When you do not want to compromise your artistic integrity by drawing memes but you need those likes

Arthur's Fist 24

When someone takes your unassigned seat

Arthur's Fist 25

When someone takes a picture of your hand

Arthur's Fist 26

When he tells you to give him his hoodie back

Arthur's Fist 27

When the exam question says explain your answer

Arthur's Fist 28

when people say 'harambe' 'was' 'just' 'a' 'gorilla'

Arthur's Fist 29

When you are watching house hunters and the couple chooses the wrong house

Arthur's Fist 30

When u walk into Sephora bare faced and they talk to you do not know shit about makeup

Lisa Simpson Powerpoint 1

Vegans can not use gas because it is made from dead dinosaurs

Lisa Simpson Powerpoint 2

Headphones with wires have saved millions of phones from hitting the ground

Lisa Simpson Powerpoint 3

Someone made up dinosaur noises without ever hearing them

Lisa Simpson Powerpoint 4

Good Pokemon designs still exist in every generation after gold and silver

Lisa Simpson Powerpoint 5

The Big Bang Theory is the Nickelback of TV shows

Lisa Simpson Powerpoint 6

Saturday night is only from 9pm till midnight the rest is Sunday

Lisa Simpson Powerpoint 7

Short has more letters than long

Lisa Simpson Powerpoint 8

Coor's Light is just beer flavored LA Croix

Lisa Simpson Powerpoint 9

Having experience does not always mean that you are a good leader

Lisa Simpson Powerpoint 10

Men hide behind beards the same way women hide behind makeup

Lisa Simpson Powerpoint 11

Sleeping is a short time travel

Lisa Simpson Powerpoint 12

Harry Potter is just Batman with powers

Lisa Simpson Powerpoint 13

PETA tweets controversial things just to get you to talk about them

Lisa Simpson Powerpoint 14

Imagine Dragons is just spicy Nickelback

Lisa Simpson Powerpoint 15

The show 'Friends' is just 'The Office' at home

Lisa Simpson Powerpoint 16

The past tense of yeet is yote

Lisa Simpson Powerpoint 17

Scorpions are just venomous land lobsters

Lisa Simpson Powerpoint 18

Pasta is just boiled bread

Lisa Simpson Powerpoint 19

ABBA's music is just Fleetwood Mac without

Lisa Simpson Powerpoint 20

Not every villain deserve a redemption arc There is a reason why they are villains

Lisa Simpson Powerpoint 21

C4 is just angry Playgough

Lisa Simpson Powerpoint 22

Lasagna is just cake that tastes like spaghetti

Lisa Simpson Powerpoint 23

Octopuses are just wet spiders

Lisa Simpson Powerpoint 24

Using CGI animals does not make a movie live action

Lisa Simpson Powerpoint 25

John Wick is this generation's Chuck Norris

Lisa Simpson Powerpoint 26

Listening to genres of music other than metal does not make you a poser

Lisa Simpson Powerpoint 27

horses are organic motorcycles

Lisa Simpson Powerpoint 28

The letter G looks like a spinning arrow

Lisa Simpson Powerpoint 29

Being mean to other girls does not make you any prettier

Lisa Simpson Powerpoint 30

Only resepecting women you are attracted to is not respecting women

Savage Patrick 1

When your post starts a fight in the comments

Savage Patrick 2

When you hide one of your freind's things and he blames someone else for stealing it

Savage Patrick 3

When people make fun of you for looking like a grape but you get the last Infinity Stone

Savage Patrick 4

When yo girl come over and sees your hoodies

Savage Patrick 5

When u r vaccuming and it makes the CRKSKSIJKS sound

Savage Patrick 6

Me waiting for my silent but deadly fart to reach the others in the room

Savage Patrick 6

Me waiting for my silent but deadly fart to reach the others in the room

Savage Patrick 7

3rd graders when they step on a crack to purposefully break their mother's back

Savage Patrick 8

When your mom is calling your name so you fake sleep then she starts calling someone elses name

Savage Patrick 9

When you tell him it do not matter where you all go eat but you know you about to say no to everything he suggest

Savage Patrick 10

Me leaving the pot in the sink because 'it' 'needs' 'to' 'soak'

Savage Patrick 11

Me watching my sibling getting shouted at for something that i did

Savage Patrick 12

How my professor looks at the exam knowin it is nothing like the study guide

Savage Patrick 13

Me reading your message previews from the pull down bar on my phone and not answering for the next 6 hours

Savage Patrick 14

When you challenge your friend to Smash and hand them the crappy third-party controller

Savage Patrick 15

That look when someone is tryin to roast you and you about to end his whole life in one sentence

Savage Patrick 16

Me making plans in the group chat knowing I am not going to show up anyway

Savage Patrick 17

When you drown the spider that was chillin in your bathroom sink

Savage Patrick 18

When ya boy is crying because his girl dumped him and you realize he has more time to spend with you on Fortnite

Savage Patrick 19

When ya boy crying cuz his girl cheating but you just left his girl house

Savage Patrick 20

Me heating up the shower until i can not feel my skin anymore

Savage Patrick 21

When you ate the last chocolate brownie

Savage Patrick 22

When you all both toxic for eachother but can not leave eachother alone

Savage Patrick 23

My depression and anxiety when they see me starting to get happy again

Savage Patrick 24

When the fish start to look a little too comfortable in their tank

Savage Patrick 25

When the customer asks to see a manager but you are the manager

Savage Patrick 26

The McDonanld's employee waiting tell you the ice cream machine is broken

Savage Patrick 27

how u look inside the bag of McDonald's knwoing you are about to eat everyone's fries on the way home

Savage Patrick 28

Me watching the phone ring until I miss the call

Savage Patrick 29

When your friends start watching a show that you are already watching and you know their favorite character dies later in the series

Savage Patrick 30

When you google the homework and the answers are online

Scumbag Steve 1

[null] Gets hit in dodgeball [null] Keeps playing

Scumbag Steve 2

[null] Decides to be your partner in school [null] Goofs off forcing you to do all the work

Scumbag Steve 3

[null] Says he is distant because he is struggling with despression [null] Struggling with hiding second girlfriend

Scumbag Steve 4

[null] Invites 20 people to neighbor's party [null] Was not invited

Scumbag Steve 5

[null] Has been blocking this doorway For almost three years now

Scumbag Steve 6

[null] Never the one to bring donuts in to work [null] Eats at least four

Scumbag Steve 7

[null] Goes on date and leaves fat tip [null] Returns later and tells waitress that it was only to impress girl and wants it back

Scumbag Steve 8

[null] Invited on roadtrip [null] Invites two more people

Scumbag Steve 9

[null] Refuses to participate in office swear jar [null] Particiaptes in banquet funded by swear jar money

Scumbag Steve 10

[null] Always take a penny [null] Never leave a penny

Scumbag Steve 11

[null] Buys new hat [null] Leaves sticker on

Scumbag Steve 12

[null] Says he is not going to eat when everyone orders pizza [null] Does not pay and eats more than anyone

Scumbag Steve 13

[null] Sits behind you at the theater [null] Puts his feet on the back of your chair

Scumbag Steve 14

[null] Starts charity fund That helps himself

Scumbag Steve 15

[null] Threatens to beat people up [null] Never been in a fight

Scumbag Steve 16

[null] Becomes a meme [null] Uses it for rap career

Scumbag Steve 17

[null] Sees you with your long time crush [null] Ask her out

Scumbag Steve 18

[null] Says it gives you Vitamin D [null] Skin cancer

Scumbag Steve 19

Oh you just washed your car Cool

Scumbag Steve 20

[null] Stays over your house [null] Takes your bed

Scumbag Steve 21

[null] Knows he is a meme [null] Uses his internet stardom to launch a rap career

Scumbag Steve 22

[null] Listens to your story [null] Tries to one-up you with his own version

Scumbag Steve 23

[null] Says he does not want to order out [null] Eats your food when it comes

Scumbag Steve 24

[null] Makes you pay for him at drivethru [null] Eats your fries on the way home

Scumbag Steve 25

[null] Borrows something [null] Says a friend borrowed it

Scumbag Steve 26

[null] Drives luxury car [null] Fills with regular unleaded

Scumbag Steve 27

[null] Ask girl out on Leap Day So he only has to celebrate their anniversary every four years

Scumbag Steve 28

[null] Loses argument on Facebook [null] Deletes his comments so it looks like you are talking to yourself

Scumbag Steve 29

[null] Already infinite [null] Keeps expanding

Scumbag Steve 30

[null] Quits smoking His own cigarettes

Bad Luck Brian 1

[null] Goes to stripclub Mom works there

Bad Luck Brian 2

[null] Is the lead in an important running event Leg falls through the ground due to ADJ tunneling

Bad Luck Brian 3

[null] Supports censorship [null] Gets censored

Bad Luck Brian 4

[null] Supports the use of blockbots [null] Gets blocked

Bad Luck Brian 5

[null] Invests into some nostalgia [null] Buys a bakelit disc instead of an SD card

Bad Luck Brian 6

[null] Beats elite four Gameboy batteries die inside Hall of Fame

Bad Luck Brian 7

Dog plays dead [null] Actually dies

Bad Luck Brian 8

[null] Goes to Midas to get car fixed [null] Turns to gold

Bad Luck Brian 9

[null] Searches for memes on googe image search [null] Finds shitty image macros like these

Bad Luck Brian 10

[null] Divided by zero [null] [null] New Year's resolution to lose 20 pounds by May

Bad Luck Brian 11

[null] Creates imaginary girlfriend [null] Gets dumped

Bad Luck Brian 12

[null] Gets cast in live-action south park movie [null] [null] Kenny

Bad Luck Brian 13

[null] Bets life savings on super bowl [null] [null] Broncos

Bad Luck Brian 14

[null] Gets letter from crush on Valentine's Day [null] [null] Restraining order

Bad Luck Brian 15

[null] Download movies for the first time [null] Gets raided by the FBI

Bad Luck Brian 16

[null] Becomes popular meme [null] [null] still not confirmed

Bad Luck Brian 17

[null] Buys goldfish snack doesn't smile back

Bad Luck Brian 18

[null] Goes to the beach [null] [null] shark week

Bad Luck Brian 19

[null] Becomes internet meme starts youtube channel nobody subscribes everybody still mocks picture from 7th grade

Bad Luck Brian 20

[null] Makes first youtube video [null] No longer available Blocked on copyright grounds

Bad Luck Brian 21

[null] Turns on blender [null] Gets sued by Skrillex for copyright

Bad Luck Brian 22

[null] Turns airplane mode on [null] Flies away

Bad Luck Brian 23

[null] Dresses as superman for Halloween Earth gets destroyed

Bad Luck Brian 24

[null] [null] First time skydiving [null] Lands in volcano

Bad Luck Brian 25

[null] Wears Nike [null] Can do it

Bad Luck Brian 26

[null] [null] First day driving to school [null] Forgets and rides bus home

Bad Luck Brian 27

[null] Sentenced to life in prison [null] Becomes immortal

Bad Luck Brian 28

[null] Has a twin Twin forgets his birthday

Bad Luck Brian 29

[null] Posts a video of him doing the Harlem Shake Song loses all popularity

Bad Luck Brian 30

[null] Visits Hawaii [null] Gets frostbite

Doge 1

[null] forever gone go there very lost my way such not together stay here very anywhere is

Doge 2

Ghost doge wow wow wow wow very scray such spook 2spoop4u Caspir's bes frend loyal doge haunts ur haus 4 u Much screems

Doge 3

Fine I r just hanging chilling s-t-u-c-k find me someone no worries

Doge 4

Shamwow so discount wow wow wow such clean but wait dez more

Doge 5

Doge of Venice so serene very wow many profit much fashion much leadership so renaissance such republic doge doge

Doge 6

wow such art so amaze much walpaper very clow much fierce many realistic leonard doge vinci much talent very made by mairou

Doge 7

[null] wow cron much lik eat lik pepil sheb am pepil

Doge 8

so nurses much compassion wow amaze so talent greatest talent very kindest

Doge 9

[null] so fluffy wow much cuteness better than doge

Doge 10

[null] many celebrate such age very birthday wow plz give cake so presents who's chris

Doge 11

[null] such meme so friend much human such wow much doge give plz

Doge 12

very party wow dj dnt stahp pl0x such music up all nite mom im old enough

Doge 13

[null] wow much fun such wow much eyes much adorable

Doge 14

[null] wow such doge very internets much meme so currency many popular

Doge 15

[null] gr8 tech stuff wow so global am android expert very comment such long-form TR plz many cracking open how insight much content such facts

Doge 16

[null] wow, such tattoo many badass lots of cool wow omg so mohawk very impress much color

Doge 17

[null] many edits so internet meme much wiki wow very readers how to article such neutral

Doge 18

[null] such funny so laughter much hilarious wow hahahaha wow many lol much rofl very genius so clever

Doge 19

[null] wow sniff much curiosity wow such leg will hump later

Doge 20

[null] wow very alarms wow such awake much morning so cereal many sunshine

Doge 21

[null] wow much ruin diet i am bekom fat wow such tempt such not weightwatchers wow very biscuit biscit plz very taste wow such treat very hand that feed shibe straight to my thighs

Doge 22

wow much cake do want such delishus good filled so cream wow amaze such sponge

Doge 23

doge goes wow cats go lol memes internally much twerk so harlem post gangnam

Doge 24

[null] plz no trim tomorrow so scare why this happened nvr scratch again plz

Doge 25

[null] wow such Ivy League so underwater basket weaving wow much internet

Doge 26

[null] wow such swag much fashion many style

Doge 27

doge code doge thx click hello world many html such programming very computer wow doge wow how skill

Doge 28

[null] so education wow such knowledge much powerpoints very website

Doge 29

[null] very group such work wow doge much team

Doge 30

[null] so enrage how teeth much bark very attention such angry

Drake 1

Earth Day 17 year anniversary of shreks release

Drake 2

rap music video game soundtracks rap music and video game soundtracks mashed together in a remix

Drake 3

Jessie's girl Stacey's mom

Drake 4

Condemning Neo-Nazis Condemning School Shooting Survivors

Drake 5

Normies Letting people enjoy memes that may not appeal to my humor or ones that I may not find funny and are people who shouldn't be outcasted or shamed for liking those memes

Drake 6

Anime girls Anime women

Drake 7

Movies with talking people Movies with talking animals

Drake 8

Cringe culture Letting kids and adults enjoy their interests even if said interest is something you dislike

Drake 9

we are all attracted to people like our parents we all grow up to be our parents if someone positively influences us they will naturally have traits that we admire and it only makes sense that we will seek those traits out in others or try to emulate them as we grow

Drake 10

when you close task manager by clicking the x when you close task manager in task manager

Drake 11

Finding a new meme format still using the drake meme after 2 years

Drake 12

Getting in the shower Being in the shower Getting out of the shower

Drake 13

Being safe from online scammers and predators Being the 100th user on the site and just having to click here to claim millions of dollars

Drake 14

Solving the immigration crisis Banning memes

Drake 15

Quizlet Kahoot!

Drake 16

making memes with copyrighted images drawing memes so the EU lets you post them

Drake 17

asking her out on a date tagging her in memes

Drake 18

Making a normal meme for people browsing at night to enjoy Adding a blue light filter so they can sleep better

Drake 19

Using a normally accepted method to accomplish a programming task Using stupid shit that a programmer would never do to get karma

Drake 20

Greatly insightful, researched, and intelligent analyses of the Myers-Briggs theory Completely nonsensical MBTI sh*t posts with absolutely no scientific basis

Drake 21

Diagnoses, treatment, and prevention of disease leeches

Drake 22

Get a job [null] [null] Stay in bed for twenty years and leech off of family

Drake 23

Learn programming to understand r/programmer humor jokes Learn programming from r/programmer humor jokes

Drake 24

Do homework that will make him millions one day Make memes

Drake 25

Actual programming Debating for 30 minutes on how to name a variable

Drake 26

2018 Fresh dank memes

Drake 27

Completing and releasing a game Spending hours making a game that ends up incomplete

Drake 28

Getting on memedroid for memes Getting on memedroid to read comments

Drake 29

Crap outdated jokes/memes Jokes about crap outdated jokes/memes jokes about jokes about crap outdated jokes/memes

Drake 30

[null] Spend my time effectively and productively Do nothing all day

Success Kid 1

[null] Didn't study [null] [null] Got an A

Success Kid 2

She thinks I cleaned my room I just pushed shit under the bed

Success Kid 3

[null] Push a button Guy in the TV jumps

Success Kid 4

[null] [null] Starburst-2-pack [null] Both Pink

Success Kid 5

[null] Saw new Wolverine movie [null] Remembered to stay for the extra scene after the credits

Success Kid 6

[null] Farts in class [null] [null] Silent

Success Kid 7

[null] Don't know a question on a test Answer is in another question

Success Kid 8

[null] [null] Late to work Boss was even later

Success Kid 9

First pull [null] Lawnmower [null] on

Success Kid 10

[null] Went to McDonalds today And I got 11 nuggets

Success Kid 11

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is on 1977 version

Success Kid 12

[null] Divided by zero [null] Won the game

Success Kid 13

[null] Insulted Bieber in front of fan girl [null] Lived

Success Kid 14

[null] Just figured out how to make a meme [null] Gets posted on Featured Page

Success Kid 15

[null] Handed in a two paragraph essay when the teacher asked for five [null] [null] The only paper that did not get handed back for a rewrite

Success Kid 16

[null] Went to Taco Bell [null] Accidentally gave me more tacos

Success Kid 17

Crib rail lowered [null] [null] By myself with no lights on

Success Kid 18

Girlfriend is a feminist She pays for dinner

Success Kid 19

[null] Choose A when you meant to pick C C is the right answer

Success Kid 20

[null] [null] First time without recipe [null] Turns out delicious

Success Kid 21

[null] Get sick on Friday [null] [null] Three day weekend

Success Kid 22

[null] Go to the DMV [null] No line

Success Kid 23

[null] Go to the store for AAA batteries [null] [null] Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Success Kid 24

[null] [null] High score in skee ball [null] [null] 5 extra tickets

Success Kid 25

[null] Arrives at bus stop Bus comes 30 seconds early

Success Kid 26

[null] Forgets to do homework Teacher forgets to collect homework in

Success Kid 27

[null] Forgets to buy food [null] [null] Invited out to dinner at last minute

Success Kid 28

[null] Filled out a form online [null] Got everything right the first time

Success Kid 29

[null] Drank expired milk [null] Didn't throw up

Success Kid 30

Puzzle says 2-4 years [null] only took 1

Roll Safe 1

[null] Can't have patriarchy If you have no hierarchies

Roll Safe 2

You can't kill a meme If it is used for everything

Roll Safe 3

[null] Only do half of each task [null] bottom text

Roll Safe 4

There can't be any tax [null] If there is no such thing as money in the first place

Roll Safe 5

You do not have to worry about Youtube demonetizing your videos if you do not monetize them in the first place

Roll Safe 6

You can't disappoint your family [null] If you've never made them proud in the first place

Roll Safe 7

You can't form a union If we fire everyone if anybody even talks about it

Roll Safe 8

[null] can't get addiction If you never try dangerous habit

Roll Safe 9

[null] can't be disappointed by a game If you 've(have) lost all faith in game companies

Roll Safe 10

[null] can't go to hell If you do not sin

Roll Safe 11

[null] Do not cite Wikipedia cite the sources from Wikipedia

Roll Safe 12

You can't have a mid-life crisis If your entire life is a crisis

Roll Safe 13

You don't need to test a game if you release it in beta

Roll Safe 14

People can't use you if you're useless

Roll Safe 15

[null] can't get arrested at parties if you never leave your dorm

Roll Safe 16

[null] can't be in danger If you are the danger

Roll Safe 17

We won't need to grant robots rights If we don't make them smart enough

Roll Safe 18

It can't bee a typo If it doesn't have a line under it

Roll Safe 19

You can't break up your girlfriend If you don't have one

Roll Safe 20

You can't argue with your friends If you do not have any [null]

Roll Safe 21

If you can convert kinetic energy to thermal energy Does that mean you can make fried chicken just by punching it

Roll Safe 22

[null] can't get fired If you don't have a job

Roll Safe 23

You can't have a morning mood If you sleep till noon

Roll Safe 24

[null] Don't need to pay for your phone If you don't have a phone

Roll Safe 25

If a genie tells you that you can't wish for more wishes just wish for more genies

Roll Safe 26

They can not wake you up for school If you did not even sleep

Roll Safe 27

You can't boycott the oscars If you don't watch them

Roll Safe 28

You can't forget your anniversary If you get married on Valentine's day

Roll Safe 29

You can't clean a house If you don't have one

Roll Safe 30

[null] Always steal memes from anonymous users They can't say you stole from them

Math Lady 1

Me trying to understand the MATHLAB code I wrote 3 weeks ago

Math Lady 2

When you hear a government employee complaining about needing a raise because taxes are too high

Math Lady 3

Sorry we can't do that for you Aw, okay

Math Lady 4

hey if you have a cone where the length of the diagonal and angle are given what 's the volume which formulas are useful ...

Math Lady 5

Your total is $9.95 [null] hands cash [null] types amount in system oh here is 30 cents

Math Lady 6

Everyone is so gullible Avril Lavigne was murdered and replaced by the government

Math Lady 7

When a woman says she's 29 weeks pregnant

Math Lady 8

[null] Getting dejavu and wondering if you accidently traveled back in time

Math Lady 9

When the topic you 're discussing is general and random And paranoid people think you're talking about them

Math Lady 10

When you order a sprite from Dominos [null] And it says your order is in the oven

Math Lady 11

When someone asks a question About mental health

Math Lady 12

When You find out you have fingertips but not toetips Yet You can tiptoe...tipfiger not [null]

Math Lady 13

When You 're in your 20s Trying to calculate when to take your sleep aids so you can pass out by 10 PM

Math Lady 14

When you see a Youtube video with more likes Than views

Math Lady 15

That moment when you 're at work [null] And you like why am I doing this again Oh yeah money

Math Lady 16

Me trying to figure out how long I'll need to spend in shower If I ever want to feel clean again

Math Lady 17

When You forgot your phone password

Math Lady 18

Lightning McQueen have car insurance or life insurance Both

Math Lady 19

When you come back to school after 2 weeks And must write a test that you never heaard of"

Math Lady 20

When you ask your S.O why they mad and they reply "you know why"

Math Lady 21

When you 're walking through a door and someone is waiting towards you and you 're calculating the distance from you and them to use the formula if whether you keep the door open for them

Math Lady 22

[null] 2 hours into my diet Why am I doing this again

Math Lady 23

Me trying to figure out why people are so unreliable

Math Lady 24

you Memorizing shop employee's shifts so that always hitting on you prick isn't there next time

Math Lady 25

Studying is the optimal solution BUT we're bounded rational creatures unable to make optimal decisions

Math Lady 26

[null] Trying to figure out hints and that girls give me like

Math Lady 27

When your man cheats on you with someone less attractive

Math Lady 28

When My brain after I've done math successfully The free trial has ended please subscribe the premium only 19.99 a month

Math Lady 29

When you screwed up big time with a person and that same person decided to talk to you again

Math Lady 30

Take chemistry they said It'll be easy they said

Distracted Boyfriend 1

me Solar eclipse Scientific evidence supporting the dangers of staring at the sun

Distracted Boyfriend 2

me Despacito Actually good songs

Distracted Boyfriend 3

me doing what you like Complaining about trends

Distracted Boyfriend 4

me Memes Productivity

Distracted Boyfriend 5

me [null] actually talking to girls [null] making posts about wanting a gf

Distracted Boyfriend 6

me [null] Almost expired milk Milk with expiration date at least 2 weeks away

Distracted Boyfriend 7

me [null] Real men fictional characters

Distracted Boyfriend 8

The whole world [null] Peace and love Ignorance

Distracted Boyfriend 9

me my man Jolene

Distracted Boyfriend 10

me College parents capitalism [null] Running away to live in the woods

Distracted Boyfriend 11

America's oil America Other countries oil

Distracted Boyfriend 12

me The raw bleeding roof of my mouth [null] another bowl of Cap'n Crunch

Distracted Boyfriend 13

Harry Ron and Hermione dangerous situations that result in dying

Distracted Boyfriend 14

me real life tumblr [null]

Distracted Boyfriend 15

Hugh Hefner's ghost desperate young women willing to do anything for money Other elderly millionaries

Distracted Boyfriend 16

TV show writers well-developed and consistent plots and characters Shock value

Distracted Boyfriend 17

me important stuff like school, friends, and sleep Obsessing over fictional characters and people I ' never

Distracted Boyfriend 18

Bruce Wayne seeing a therapist and dealing with his trauma Dressing up as a bat and beating the shit out of poeple

Distracted Boyfriend 19

me all the instruments I can't play my instruments

Distracted Boyfriend 20

Henry VII Katherine of Argon Anne Boleyn

Distracted Boyfriend 21

Tumblr The real world Edgy political philosophies that only work in theory

Distracted Boyfriend 22

me my dad's ghost [null] a friend who thinks the ghost will drive me insane

Distracted Boyfriend 23

me memes my work, school, friends, relationships, and other responsibilites

Distracted Boyfriend 24

TWitter user aware of the stigma against unironic use of an oversaturated meme Oversaturate meme Meta meme about the meme

Distracted Boyfriend 25

me sleep tumblr

Distracted Boyfriend 26

me makeup my skin

Distracted Boyfriend 27

me my bank account my amazon wishlist

Distracted Boyfriend 28

me This meme Also me knowing how this is a way overdone meme

Distracted Boyfriend 29

me normal healthy sleep schedule Staying up for no reason

Distracted Boyfriend 30

me triple chocolate cake a healthy diet

College Freshman 1

[null] Goes on a beer run [null] Sits in the car at liquor store

College Freshman 2

[null] Says he needed a smartphone for college [null] Buys a sidekick

College Freshman 3

[null] Loves the freedom of college life [null] Drives home every weekend so mom can do his laundry

College Freshman 4

[null] Makes a college meme [null] is not in college yet

College Freshman 5

Introduce him to your friends Acts like he knows them for years

College Freshman 6

Nobody around here is very friendly [null] Wears earbuds everywhere and is always looking at his phone

College Freshman 7

[null] Never stops quoting pulp fiction [null] Has never seen it

College Freshman 8

[null] Buys all recommended textbooks

College Freshman 9

[null] Thinks college career will provide him a career

College Freshman 10

[null] Takes psych 101 [null] Starts analyzing everyone he knows

College Freshman 11

I am a sophomore IF you mean by credits

College Freshman 12

[null] hangs up a Bob Marley poster only likes one song

College Freshman 13

[null] meets someone in the dining hall first day Best friend

College Freshman 14

[null] Raises hand in first lecture Can I go to the bathroom

College Freshman 15

[null] Asks where a building is While he's already in it

College Freshman 16

[null] Learns three chords on guitar [null] Plays in the quad so everyone can hear

College Freshman 17

[null] Takes computer science [null] watches My Little Pony during class

College Freshman 18

[null] Late to class [null] Runs

College Freshman 19

[null] Puts dirty dishes in sink [null] Shocked to find them still there in the morning

College Freshman 20

Professor finishes going over syllabus Wait so do we have homework

College Freshman 21

[null] Hates rival college with a passion [null] didn't know rivalry existed until a week ago

College Freshman 22

Homework 5 has just been posted [null] Haven't even started Homework 4

College Freshman 23

[null] Lend him your pen for 10 seconds in class [null] friend requests you

College Freshman 24

[null] Disregard sleep [null] Acquire nothing

College Freshman 25

[null] Complains about 8 am class [null] That's once a week

College Freshman 26

[null] Fails test That teacher is so dumb

College Freshman 27

[null] Just came from the gym [null] Stood around the bench press and talked

College Freshman 28

[null] Wants the real college experience Hangs out with friends from high school all year

College Freshman 29

[null] Show up late to lecture [null] Facebook the whole time

College Freshman 30

I have a unique sense of style [null] College sweatshirt and nikes everyday